September 30, 2020

Episodes Page

Created a new layout to display all previous episodes via query-call vs individually updated. This allows for cleaner automation and dramatically less load time and server cycles.

  •  Installed Ele Custom Skin for custom template designs for episode calls
September 14, 2020

Plugin/Theme Updates

  • Updated: Elementor v3.0.7
  • Updated: Elementor Pro v3.0.4
September 11, 2020

Next Episode Template

Created a new template layout that adds more color and excitement to the Next Episode countdown. It now loads automatically, updates from a single source, and has much less drain on resources.

September 11, 2020

Plugin/Theme Updates

  • Updated Astra theme to v.2.5.5
  • Updated Astra Pro to v2.6.4
September 11, 2020


Goal: Provide regular updates and logs for new features and improvements added to this site.

  • Created a changelog theme to track updates, epics, and fixes
  • Added color-coded badges for category segmentation
  • Backfilled latest updates
September 10, 2020


Goal: Create accurate and informative legal documents to provide clarity and specificity for tracking, data, and more.

  • Created a dynamic Privacy Policy
  • Created a dynamic Cookie Policy
    • Added a dynamic cookie acceptance banner, compatible with US, California, EU, and Global regulations
    • Added a cookie preference panel to allow users to further customize cookie tracking conditions
  • Created a dynamic breakdown of Terms & Conditions
Legal documentation provided in-partnership with Termly.
September 10, 2020


Goal: Continue the rollout of the modernized design.

  • Updated: cleaner plugin-in for audio streaming that utilize less resources
September 09, 2020


Goal: Continue the rollout of the modernized design.

September 09, 2020


Over-hall of the BOOM with Chris Allen podcast landing page, prioritizing a focus on how to listen, slimming down the latest episodes, and when the next episode will air. The general feeling was that the previous page had too much information and not enough substance.

September 08, 2020

Apple Smart App Banner

Goal: Safari on iOS has a Smart App Banner feature that provides a standardized method of promoting apps on the App Store from a website.

  • Installed Header Footer Code Manager plugin to allow for customized triggering of per-page header code
  • Implemented the Smart App Banner feature on all episode/posts
September 05, 2020

Cloudflare & SG Optimizer

Goal: Optimize load time, server resource load, and efficiency.

  • New: added Google maps API
  • Updated: site-wide design
  • Updated: newsletter sign-up
  • Updated: Instagram 2020 API changes

  • Detailed optimization focus utilizing SG Optimizer on;
    • Dynamic Caching
    • Memcache
    • Enable/Forced HTTPS
    • Heartbeat Optimization
    • DNS Pre-fetch for External Domains
    • Automated/Scheduled Maintenance
      • Perform Database Optimization for MyISAM tables
      • Delete all automatically created post and page drafts
      • Delete all page and post revisions
      • Delete all posts and pages in your Trash
      • Delete all comments marked as Spam
      • Delete all expired Transients
    • GZIP Compression
    • NGINX Direct Delivery
    • Minify the HTML Output
    • Minify JavaScript Files
    • Defer Render-blocking JS
    • Minify/Combine CSS Files
    • Optimize Loading of Google Fonts
    • Remove Query Strings From Static Resources
    • Image optimization
    • Generate WebP Copies of New Images

The focus on optimization proved successful as popular speed test site GTMetrix rated performance for with the following results;

September 05, 2020

WP Rocket

Goal: Optimize load time, server resource load, and efficiency.

September 05, 2020


Likely the largest undertaking to break into the most up-to-date UX/UI change. The previous site was lacking in organization and prioritized color and flashy overlays instead. This update focused on a more minimal design, categorized into year vs. season.

  • Updated: Removed seasons
  • Updated: Organized episodes by year
September 05, 2020


Rebuild the flow of understanding the breakdown of who djchrisallen is. Create a cleaner interface with sectioned areas of history, experience, and talent.

September 04, 2020


Goal: Create a defining brand and organization of priority, focus, and clarity.

    • Revision of the primary homepage with a focus on bold typography, subtle gradients, and a modern style.
    • Removed the majority of animations and unnecessary resource calls.
August 26, 2020

Subscribe & Device Pages

Goal: Segment and provide additional details for multiple device-use, subscription, and rating options.

    • Instead of having a single page with a multi-device breakdown, opted instead for more clarification with separate, yet connected, pages for each device, all netted within a completely rebuilt Subscribe page.
August 23, 2020

Episode Template

Goal: Create a modern and clean episode template to be re-used for each episode of the BOOM with Chris Allen podcast.

August 23, 2020


Goal: Optimize downloads/streaming speed, and syndication efficiency.

    • Moved BOOM with Chris Allen RSS feeds and syndication from to to improve podcast episode hosting, distribution, and analytics efficiency
    • Selected Simplecast due to reputation, recommendations, and industry experience
Note: Moving RSS feeds to Simplecast was not due any SiteGround performance or cost issues. The change was purely due to streaming efficiencies for the volume of users
August 03, 2020 v5

Goal: Optimize the UI/UX of from top to bottom, prioritizing efficiency, load time, and overall user experience.

After the Spotify/ issues, along with the announcements for iOS 14/macOS 11, it seemed appropriate to strongly consider a revision to It was decided to overhaul the entire experience, with a direct focus on a cleaner and more efficient user experience.

The sitemap will be cut almost in half, with the remaining pages being clear and specific with more straightforward information for users to obtain their information quicker and without feeling as if they are searching for the answers to their questions.

The visual style of the site will retain the existing feel, but will be updated to be more graphically bright, engaging, and dynamic. The color scheme, font style, and overall fluidity will be a fresh revision over the current dark theme.

Updates and previews will follow as they become available.

March 14, 2020

SiteGround & RSS Feeds

The migration from Spotify/ has been completed and all RSS and audio files are now hosted securely within SiteGround. Feeds for syndication may take some time to propagate, but all apps and services within the Subscribe page are currently active. 

Going forward, BOOM with Chris Allen will not be aired on, nor affiliated with, Spotify or any of its subsidiaries.

March 14, 2020

Spotify &​

Due to the previously announced Spotify ( parent company) decision to remove all music-based podcasts across multiple genres, BOOM with Chris Allen’s RSS feed was forced to find an alternative solution. As the RSS feed is manually backed up, all content was recovered and redirected back to the original hosting provider.

Going forward, BOOM with Chris Allen will not be aired on, nor affiliated with, Spotify or any of its subsidiaries.

March 12, 2020

Spotify &

Spotify ( parent company) made a sweeping and unannounced change to its service by removing all music-based podcasts across multiple genres. When prompted for comment, Spotify stated;
“Thanks for reaching out.

We have removed your podcast from Spotify for Podcasters. Spotify for Podcasters isn’t intended to be used as a music distribution tool, regardless of the licensing state of your music.

In an effort to enable all creative artists the opportunity to live off their art, creators who wish to share their music on Spotify should use a music distributor.

We recommend using one of our preferred providers. Check out Spotify for Artists to get started.

If there’s anything you need, we’ll be right here.”

As a result, the BOOM with Chris Allen podcast RSS feed was removed, and all episodes were deleted. Again, this was an unannounced decision made, and executed by, Spotify (and therefore with no time to prepare or consider an alternative solution.

The BOOM with Chris Allen podcast will require internal development and to be sourced on an alternate platform. This changelog will be updated once a solution has been resolved.

September 26, 2019

Hosting Change

Goal: Optimize load time, server resource load, and efficiency.

    • Moved hosting from to due to progressively degrading service, noisy-neighbor experiences, and over-charging
    • Selected SiteGround due to reputation, recommendations, and industry experience
    • Selected the “GrowBig” WordPress hosting which includes;
      • Unlimited websites
      • 20GB web storage
      • Unmetered traffic
      • Free WP migration
      • Free SSL
      • Daily backup
      • Free CDN
      • Free email
      • 100% renewable energy match
      • Staging
If you are looking for a cost-effective and reliable web-host with great support, SiteGround is an excellent option.